History of decision to restore


Present restoration plans


In 2007, Farewell, Mills, Gatsch Architects LLC updated its 2003 plans for repairing these open-air structures. For project planners, the Bath House is two things at once:both an architectural gem and a dynamic location of community activity. Consistent with this, in addition to restoring the buildings to their original appearance, the architects also planned to ensure their continued, safe use for future generations by improving the structures, mainly through weatherizing, and making them easier to maintain.


Preservation plans for the site and structures included: removal of unsympathetic post-Kahn additions such as a snack bar, storage shed, and fence; replacement of elements removed from Kahn’s original construction, such as an entrance mural and gravel courtyard; and completion of landscaping and roof drainage called for in Kahn’s original design but never carried out.